Monday, 12 January 2015

#SingTravels to Taiwan Day 2 ----- New Taipei City

Started the day with a yummy breakfast. It may not seem that enticing in the picture (nor physically) but this famous local 小吃 (xiao chi; snack) called 肉圓 (rou yuan; meatballs) will definitely grab your hearts. Just make sure to inform the person cooking if you don't like any ingredients to be included. For example, cilantro, for my case.

Monday, 5 January 2015

#SingTravels to Taiwan Day 1 ----- Taipei

I can't believe it's just my second time in Taiwan. My first time here was way back in 2008 to study and train for International Math Competitions (yes, I was a Mathlete haha). Nonetheless, I feel so close and familiar to this country since I LOVE watching and am avid fan of Taiwan Idol Dramas since I was young. Coming back to this country after so long excited me so much.

Got out of the airport at around 2am of December 14 and since I felt a little hungry, dropped by this famous beef noodle house on my way to the hotel.

Long line of customers at this early hour just means one thing: MUST TRY!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

#SingTravels to Taiwan

UP Diliman was the first school to move the academic year from June-April to August-June last 2014. This meant that instead of having the regular 2-month summer break, we would be enjoying a whooping 4-month summer vacation! However, due to being caught up with maximizing the break, I ended up overworking and spending too much time with work and school. That's why when a friend from a travel agency called me up last June and informed me that an airline was having a ticket promo,  I immediately asked her to help me book one ticket to Taiwan for a quick getaway before my senior year started.

Since I was paranoid about getting stuck in the traffic, I arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 six (6) hours before my flight. Better safe than sorry :))